California Peace Officers Protection Alliance

“It is a privilege to protect the many law enforcement members of the California Peace Officers Protection Alliance. Pierce Bainbridge is dedicated to protecting  your legal rights when needed. Our firm uniquely understands the challenges faced by public safety officers today and are ready to fight for you.”                                             

John Pierce, Attorney
Pierce Bainbridge P.C.

Why you need to join the California Peace Officer Protection Alliance:

Simple, Law Enforcement is under attack. Our profession is being demonized and all we hear are talks to defund the police.  

Here at the California Peace Officers Protection Alliance our aim is in protecting those who wear the badge honorably.  
Our mission is to protect you and your family in the event your career comes under attack by providing support, assistance and advocacy for our members. That is why CPOPA has partnered with elite attorneys to provide protection for you.

Join the CPOPA family now for only $30.00/M Active and $25.00/M Retired for OFF- Duty Protection. Knowing that if you need an experienced Attorney to protect you for an OFF-DUTY incident, rest assured, CPOPA will provide you (AT NO COST) with an aggressive experienced Attorney who will fight hard for you. CPOPA will provide protection for you in an OFF-DUTY self-defense incident at no cost to you. 

We at CPOPA have your 6.

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