Did You Know?

Did you know Law Enforcement agencies only assist their members for ON DUTY INCIDENTS?

That means off duty incidents like using your firearm for self-defense may not be covered. Did you know that the average retainer for an attorney will cost you around $2,000.  Typically, you can expect to pay $300 to $700 an hour for a criminal self-defense attorney’s time? With an hourly fee structure, it is not uncommon for legal bills to get into the $10,000 to $25,000 range quickly. That is why CPOPA has partnered with elite attorneys to provide protection for you. CPOPA will provide protection for you in a self-defense off duty incident at NO COST to you.


We at CPOPA have your 6.


You’ve shot a violent attacker while off duty, but then YOU get handcuffed and arrested.

Just imagine sitting in the back of the Police car.

You just SAVED your family from a deadly attack but you’re the one being arrested and charged with a crime.

The GOOD news is, with CPOPA Membership, you will get top legal defense for an OFF DUTY incident.

They are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you if you’ve been forced to use legal self-defense.

  • Disclaimer: A CPOPA member must be in good standing for sixty-days to receive full benefits.